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5. Requirements on the VLTI

Friday 18 January 2008

The needs for future VLTI infrastructure can be summarized in an increasing order of completeness as:
- Interferometry Supervisor Software (ISS) upgrade: upgrade from 4-telescope version to a 6-telescope version allows VSI to use 6 telescopes of the existing infrastructure for science cases which require imaging on a short timescale.
- AT5 and AT6: 2 additional ATs allow the VLTI to use VSI in an efficient way without fast reconfiguration of the array.

On a longer term, 8T combination at the VLTI could be foreseen but this is not a VSI priority. In any case, it would require:
- DL7 and DL8: 2 additional delay lines allow even without AT5 and AT6 to use all telescopes on the VLTI (4ATs+4UTs) and would be useful for complex imaging of rapidly changing sources.
- AT7 and AT8: could be implemented if DL7 and DL8 are procured. Then, the 8T VLTI capability could be exploited only with the ATs.

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